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20/20 Vision*

Debates / MaMA - 15 October 2010 - 12:30 > 14:00 - Les Trois Baudets

This session borrows the term to apply to the consideration of the present and future state of a highly volatile music industry from two points of view; in order to prosper in difficult times for many aspects of the music business the application of both experience and innovation would appear to be a wise tactic : 
We invite four seasoned professionals with 20 years and more experience to share the platform with four twenty year old (give or take a year or two) relative newcomers intent on making a future in the industry, to continue a discussion initiated in Holland at Eurosonic/Noorderslag in January '10 covering a raft of questions concerning where we've been, why certain sectors are presently in the mess they're in, where we're going and how to get there!
*20/20 vision is a term used In the US and UK to denote nominal performance for human distance vision.

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