15 & 16 Octobre 2010 - Paris 18ème - A gateway to the French Music industry market, the best place to meet key players in Europe. Live, international meetings, conferences, workshop, talks.

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Muzik 2025 : scenarios for our future

Conferences / MaMA - 16 October 2010 - 15:30 > 17:30 - Studio 28

What will the popular music industry look like in 15 years?
MaMA asked some free and imaginative spirits, from different backgrounds, to share their vision.
Technologies, audience, concerts, show business, place of the artists in our society: nothing will escape their predictions.
For the first time in France, a long term vision of our industry.

During MaMA, 8 speakers, music industry professionals, will give expression to the scenario:
Is that possible? Why? What is completely impossible? Which are consequences for our present?

Scenarios contributed by:
  • Aniruddh D Patel, music neuroscientist, Neurosciences Research Foundation (USA).
  • Gildas Lefeuvre, journalist, consultant, GL Connection blog management (FR).
  • Gilles Babinet, Board member of Mxp4 and Mobile Entertainement Forum (FR)
  • Simon Frith, former rock critic and sociologist specialized in popular music culture (UK)
  • Victor Belanciano, Journalist at Publico (PT)
  • Tim Renner, MD of Motor FM, Excerpt From:“Digital ist Besser”, Kai-Hinrich Renner and Prof. Tim Renner, Publisher - Campus Frankfurt, 2011
  • Matthew Brown, Membership & Development Director, The Featured Artists Coalition (UK)
Scenarios available here!

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