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Anna Aaron (CH)

Le Divan du Monde - Friday 15th October 2010 - 20:00 > 20:40

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Country: Switzerland
Genre: Folk / Blues

When so many artists whisper their fake suffering and commercialise their pretend sadness, it's nice to hear an authentic voice. 
Anna Aaron hides nothing, she spits her venomous anguish in a way PJ Harvey has lost long ago. 
If her sincerity can feel at times overwhelming, blame it on the corporate plastic environment we're exposed to daily. 
Anna Aaron presents an escape route, that of a precious, precocious and unique artist. Obviously THE show to see this year.


Label: Two Gentlemen
Booking: Two Gentlemen
Manager: Two Gentlemen

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Title: Mary Ruth

Anna Aaron

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Title: Nothing Left

Author / Composer : Anna Aaron
Publisher : Two Gentlemen