15 & 16 Octobre 2010 - Paris 18ème - A gateway to the French Music industry market, the best place to meet key players in Europe. Live, international meetings, conferences, workshop, talks.

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Ben Mazué (Fr)

Aux Noctambules - Friday 15th October 2010 - 19:15 > 19:45

Free entrance - subject to availability

Country: France
Genre: French song / Soul / Hip Hop

French Pop, Soul, Hip Hop, here is whether to define the creed of Ben Mazué.
Author, composer and performer, the urban environment in which Ben has grown up has influenced his lyrics: a quick flow, bouncy, maybe fresher, and far away from the “fences” the French Pop usually sticks in.
Since December 2008, the “Chantier des Francos” of La Rochelle has decided to lend its support by offering two artist residences and an invitation to play at the Francofolies 2009.
On stage, Ben will seek the audience, take him onboard, and each concert will pay your share, because for him, this is how music should be shared.


Booking: Neonovo
Manager: Fanny Vollenweider
Publisher: Strictly Confidential
Contacts: Contacts soon online on the Professional Area

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Title: Confessions d'un rap addict

Ben Mazué

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Title: Quand je vous vois

Author : Ben Mazué
Composers : Ben Mazué/Clément Simounet
Publisher : Strictly Confidential France