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Coming Soon (Fr)

Le Bus Palladium - Friday 15th October 2010 - 23:05 > 23:40

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Country: France
Genre: Folk

Coming Soon was born in 2006 amongst bars, apartments, squats and canal boats of New York, Berlin, Paris, Lyon and Kidderminster. 
Their first album ″New Grids″ had an enthusiastic and welcoming response from the French and international press. On stage, their energy and obvious delight of playing grew sharper and wilder, in more than a hundred stages and venues over a year.
Their second album ″GTT″ (for Ghost Train Tragedy) deepens the promises of their debut album. The songs grow lighter, longer, the instrument sounds get sharper as well as their lyrics and personalities – the words ablaze with strength and meaning.
It's a burning album that still navigates between blues, folk and rock following the desire and mood of its six singers…


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Title: School Trip Bus Crash

Coming Soon

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Title: School Trip Bus Crash

Author, composer : Coming Soon
Publisher : Kidderminster / EMI Publishing