15 & 16 Octobre 2010 - Paris 18ème - A gateway to the French Music industry market, the best place to meet key players in Europe. Live, international meetings, conferences, workshop, talks.

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Vismets (Be)

Le Bus Palladium - Friday 15th October 2010 - 23:55 > 00:30

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Country: Belgium
Genre: Electro / Rock

Paris, January 2006. A 8 track recorder, a rhythm box, one guitar and a bass, Dan Klein is recording his first demo and creating his Myspace, that is it, the Vismets project has seen the light! 
October 2007, back in Brussels, Dan joins forces with other musicians : Nicolas Collaer (drums), Anthony Klein (guitar/keyboards) and from that moment on, the band played all over Belgium and France. 
In 2009 the Vismets became a fourtet after welcoming Remy Lebbos who had already played with the Klein brothers in the past.


Label: Roy Music
Booking: Radical
Manager: Dozer
Publisher: Roy Music
Contacts: Contacts soon online on the Professional Area

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Title: Vultures of Tronica


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Title: Wasted Party

Author: Dan Klein
Music: Vismets