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Chapelier Fou (Fr)

Les Trois Baudets - Friday 15th October 2010 - 22:50 > 23:30

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Country: France
Genre: Electronic / Electroacoustic

Chapelier Fou is not only an outstanding acrobat on stage, he is also able to bewilder his audience thanks to his savoir-faire and obvious generosity. 
“Mad, mysterious, bewitching, as strange as implacable...” is what you could think of the music on this genuine debut album, 613, by Chapelier Fou
He is still the genial electronic fiddler and violin virtuoso that we had discovered on his first two EPs ( "Darling, darling, darling..." & "Scandale"), but the progression so far is stunning, thanks to the numerous and remarkable performances on French stages!

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Label: Ici d'Ailleurs
Booking: 3C Tour
Manager: Proscenium
Publisher: Ici d'Ailleurs
Contacts: Contacts soon online on the Professional Area

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Title: Chapelier Fou @ Eurocks


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Title: Les Prières A Complies

Author, composer : Louis Varynski
Publisher : Ici d'Ailleurs Publishing