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Longital (Sk)

Les Trois Baudets - Friday 15th October 2010 - 21:00 > 21:40

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Country: Slovakia
Genre: Soul / Electro

 " Longital exist in a place all their own making somewhere between Björk and Eurythmics. Their music is based on a marriage of intricate synthetic soundscapes and organic human warmth born out of the collaboration of lovers." Eddie Cooney. 
The specific Longital world is a place where the means of classic music styles meet the electronics-assisted search for new ways. 
This is a world that is  able to draw the listeners in with a force that prevents the return into the boring reality. 
Their music has been triumphant in attracting scores of passionate listeners through the records and concerts which oscillate between zen minimalism on the surface and wild eruptions of accumulated emotions brewing beneath.

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Label: SLNKO Records
Booking: K51
Manager: K51
Publisher: SLNKO Records
Contacts: Contacts soon online on the Professional Area

All artists of this show:

Title: Voyage

Author, composer : Shina
Publisher : Slnko records 2008
c Longital 2008

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Title: Angel Mine

Author / Composer : Shina
Publisher : SLNKO Records
© Longital