15 & 16 Octobre 2010 - Paris 18ème - A gateway to the French Music industry market, the best place to meet key players in Europe. Live, international meetings, conferences, workshop, talks.

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Scratch Bandits Crew (Fr)

La Cigale - Friday 15th October 2010 - 19:40 > 20:20

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Country: France
Genre: Electro / Hip Hop

Beyond scratch and technique, this scratchmusicians band develops a strong musical and visual signature between fantasy and street culture, from twisted trip-hop and Jazz to banging electro (dubstep / Drum & Bass). 
Their unique show takes the audience through a trip in their twisted urban universe with the help of scenography, lights and video (3D animatics).


Booking: Yuma Productions
Manager: Infrasons
Contacts: Contacts soon online on the Professional Area

All artists of this show:

Title: Teaser Scratch Bandits Crew


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Title: En Petites Coupures

Scracth bandits crew